2017 Barcelona Film Festival Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 Barcelona Interenational Film Festival Winners and Official Finalists.

El Rey Awards

Grand Jury Prize Narrative Film: Our Little Haven directed by Ben Rider
Grand Jury Prize Documentary: Big Sonia directed by Leah Warshawski, Todd Soliday

Special Jury Prize Narrative Film: Schabernack directed by Giovanni B.Algieri

Special Jury Prize Documentary: The Prison Project directed by Rien Bexkens and Thiemo van Dam
Special Jury Prize Screenplay: A Letter Before Dying written by Nathaniel Edwards
El Rey Award for El Espíritu de España: Until the Croon of the Rooster directed by Ramón de los Santos

El Rey Award for Excellence in Cinematography: Stars in Her Eyes directed by Athina Tsoulis

El Rey Award for Excellence in Film Direction: MySon directed by Germain Lalot
El Rey Award for Excellence in Film Editing: Running Eagle directed by Konrad Tho Fiedler 
El Rey Award for Excellence in Documentary Narrative Feature Filmmaking: The Potential of Noise directed by Stephan Plank and Reto Caduff
El Rey Award for Excellence in Dramatic Narrative Short Filmmaking: Coming to Terms directed by David Bertran
El Rey Award for Excellence in Documentary Short Filmmaking: Guardians of Recoleta directed by Blake Kuhre
El Rey Award for Excellence in Dramatic Narrative: The Other Kids directed by Chris Brown

El Rey Award for Excellence in Experimental Filmmaking: White Mountain directed by Emma Charles
El Rey Award for Excellence in Short Filmmaking: A Northern Star directed by Francisco Solorzano

El Rey Award for Excellence in Music Video Production: Together As The Wind Blows directed by Joey Manalang and Jason Conde
El Rey Award for Excellence in Student Filmmaking: Red Lips directed by Clara Brotons

El Rey Award for Excellence in Animation: Revelation - The City of Haze directed by Mao Qichao

The Gold Lion Awards

Cream directed by David Firth
Rasheed directed by Samia Badih
Tupamaro directed by Martin Markovits
The Farthest directed by Emer Reynolds
A Film On Film directed by David Mcnulty
Little Party Queen (Band : Next is Best) directed by Etienne Fu-Le Saulnier
Night Goes Long directed by Vesa Kuosmanen, Henri Huttunen
2001: While Kubrick was in space directed by Gabriel Nicoli
Match directed by Fokke Baarssen
Lockdown directed by Max Sokoloff

The Castell Awards

Shoot Me Nicely directed by Elias Plagianos
Asus Grandma On Watch directed by Dan Dobi
Blackout directed by Timothy Collins
Eviction directed by Marcel Glauche
Lucy In My Eyes directed by Me
Moving Parts directed by Harley Wallen and Jerry Hayes
Trew Calling directed by Greg Robbins
Our Story directed by Peter Roe
Out of the Game directed by Xin Jiang
The Silences directed by Margot F Nash

Official Finalists

Little Red Giant, The Monster That I Was directed by Laura Harrison
City of Joy directed by Madeleine Gavin
Rodando en la Habana directed by Jaime Santos Menendez, Jennifer Hosek
The Luring directed by Alex Plumb
Cash Cash featuring Sophia Reyes "How To Love" directed by Robert Schober
Pedro Noula directed by Karolos Zonaras
The Sled directed by Emanuela Ponzano
Hands directed by Zara Burdett
From Ashes to Immortality directed by Eric Hyde
Still Devout directed by Melissa Perez

Screenplay Competition

Grand Jury Prize: Clear Blue Sky written by Michael Spiros Brazda
Special Jury Prize: Resurrection Time Conspiracy written by Jim Carroll
1st Place: Cocopa written by Giorgio Martignoni

2nd Place: United States of China written by Nickolas Vassili

3rd Place: Melissa of the Bathtub written by Everett Irving

Grand Jury Prize: Salomé written by Toni Agustí, Oriol Rovira
Special Jury Prize: 6th of September written by Ionut Gaga

1st Place: The Nursing Home written by Kevin Mack

2nd Place: Altera Station written by Rodolfo Elias

3rd Place: SAIRA written by John Kontoyannis


Grand Jury Prize: The Boys Are Back written by Jay Mullings
Special Jury Prize: The Librarians and the Prize of Paris written by Scott Simpson

1st Place: White Water Rescue Original Television Movie written by Harold L. Brown

2nd Place: Frames written by Neil O'Neil

3rd Place: Kilgore Crude Pilot Episode Part 1 "Gert" written by Scott Simpson

Grand Jury Prize: Silk And Thorns written by Alonzo Crawford
Special Jury Prize: Admiral Montojo written by Dennis Posadas

1st Place: By The Water written by Agnese Tomba
2nd Place: Mad Dash written by William Leonard

Official Finalists

Two-Bit Taj Mahal written by Heather McDonald and Christian D'Andrea
The Last Dodo In Iceland written by David Duffy
Khaerawüd. The Dark Forest written by Sergi Páez and Eze Páez
Isabel and Her Purple Marker written by M.J. Moneymaker
Edna's Dearest Possessions written by Ozge Gozturk
Fall in Spring written by Manisha Gupta
Tantalum Mass: The Last Hacker written by David Garrett
Sendler's Children written by Slavica Bogdanov
Zebra written by Natalia Ossowska
Larry Alexander's Airboy written by Larry Alexander

Honorable Mentions

Coma Talk written by David Krause
Henry and Ottis written by Aaron Abeyta
Salacious written by Mona Fuller
Colour Me Jane written by Elisa Mcrae
The Second Coming written by Michael Baley

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